Useful Websites

Below is a list of websites that do not provide volunteering opportunities but provide useful resources for those working with refugees.

Refugee Studies Centre
The RSC carries out multidisciplinary research including policy relevant work on the causes and consequences of forced migration with an emphasis on understanding the experiences of those affected. It provides summer schools and short course on forced migration as well as being a good source for reports and research.

Brighter Futures
Brighter futures is made up of three groups of young asylum-seekers and refugees in Teeside, Manchester and London who want to improve the lives of others young asylum seekers in the UK. They come from different backgrounds and are aged 15 to 25. They are a self-advocacy group. They try to get direct access to the Government to get their voices heard. Their website has postcards, films and information about events.

JCWI campaign for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy. They provide free advice and case work as well as producing a wide range of publications on Asylum law.

Health of Asylum-seekers and Refugees Portal (HARPWEB)

REAP: Refugees in effective partnership
Practical advice and support services to refugees and asylum-seekers in west London

The Refugee Housing Association
Hostels and housing to refugee and asylum-seekers

Family Reunion Services (British Red Cross Society)
An international tracing service for families separated by conflict.

Asylum was founded on March 1, 1999 with the sole purpose of using the Internet to help lawyers and other accredited representatives worldwide prepare the best asylum cases they can.

Immigration Advisory Service
IAS is the leading charity giving legal advice and representation services to immigrants and asylum seekers free to those who are eligible.

Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Information on how to apply for asylum in the UK. Provides some support for asylum-seekers who have come to the end of the line in their application for asylum. Also provides information on applying for UK citizenship

Refugee Legal Centre (RLC)
Provides legal advice and representation (including at appeal hearings)

Immigration Law Practitioners' Association
An association of lawyers specialising in immigration. May be able to advise on finding a solicitor

Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK (ICAR)
ICAR is an independent information and research organisation based in the School of Social Sciences at City University in London.

Researching Asylum in London
RAL is an independent database of research on refugee and asylum issues relevant to London. The aim of the site is to make research more accessible to service providers and policy makers working in the field. The database contains summaries of research and the aims, methodology, key findings, conclusions and key recommendations.

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