Refugee And Asylum Issues In The Media

The following is a roundup of refugee and asylum stories in the UK Media. For international news stories, a good source is the UNHCR news and media page


News Roundup

MP says 'let asylum seekers work'

Detainees go on hunger strike at Oxfordshire immigration centre

Teenage Afghan refugee heads for Oxford after 4 As

Sudanese refugee flies the flag for America: Lopez Lomong's Olympic role tells important tale to world audience

Revd Canon Nick Sagovsky, of Westminster Abbey, spent a week from 11 to 17 July living on the food and income available to a refused asylum-seeker.

A south London police custody suite where immigration detainees are held is "unhygienic and unsafe" and should be closed, a report has said.

GPs demand right to treat refugees

Anger over asylum seeker’s deportation

The Rights of Women Seeking Asylum: a Charter

Beijing Olympic athletes get the chance to give hope to refugees

"Refugees must be able to reunite with their family members"


News Roundup – 11/07/08

Suffer the Children – The way we treat Asylum Children reveals a civil liberties double standard

UK is sending Zimbabwean Refugees home

Pressure grows to release detained Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers

Britons may be jailed if relatives overstay

City aiming for sanctuary status

UN warns of growth in Climate Change refugees


News Roundup – 25/06/08

Refugees: On the deportation frontline

Communities banding together to prevent deportations

The hell of being an asylum seeker

Police use dogs and helicopters to control detainees after a fire at a refugee centre

Changing perceptions – casting different light on asylum seekers

Driven beyond despair by a control order

Let them give something back

Racism against refugees to be main focus of film festival

Deafness fear for girl facing deportation

UN warning on world refugee day

Refugee Movie shown at film festival

Refugee walks barefoot to London

Exhibition to show refugee crisis

Europe urged not to turn away Iraqi Refugees

NHS neglects Refugee Doctors

What happened next? Kurdish Girl wins asylum

Detention Centres to be expanded

News Roundup – 11/05/08

Iraq Refugees corralled as Home Office widens her net

Briton sues over deportation as failed asylum seeker

A city built on sanctuary

Adrift in the UK

Yearning to be Free

Stowaways may have suffocated in Ship’s hold

Plea for ‘destitute’ asylum group

Court rejects HIV Asylum Seeker


News Roundup – 22/05/08

Extra Immigration Detention Places

Funding cuts to refugee charity

Refugee set to become model

Numbers seeking asylum increase by 16%

Boy, three, suffering from sickle cell anaemia to be deported

Gay Iranian granted leave to stay

Free NHS for failed asylum seekers in Wales

‘Asylum’ a negative word

News Roundup – 09/05/08

Kurdish father-to- be set for deportation

Migrants targeted as race crime soars

Do I stay or do I go?

Schools can do more to help refugee children integrate


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