News Roundup – 30/03/08

Asylum seekers tell their stories

Asylum system ‘shameful’ for the UK, and ‘marred by inhumanity’.

MPs join fight to save Mehdi Kamezi

Helping failed asylum seekers

Oakington detainees go on hunger strike

Anger as 50 Iraqi refugees are sent back

Asylum seekers say expulsion flight ended in beating in Iraq

News Roundup – 21/03/08

Iraqi asylum seeker numbers jump.

From Baghdad to Britain

Iraqi asylum seekers given deadline to go home or face destitution in the UK

Deported Ghanaian dies of cancer

News Roundup – 12/03/08

Afghan Refugee pays speed fine
(Why this is news, I don’t know, appears to be man caught speeding, and ooh, he is a refugee)

Gay Iranian man loses asylum plea

On 13 March Jacqui Smith reviewed the deportation order.

Britain failing child asylum seekers

£15,000 for illegally detained asylum seeker

News Roundup – 06/03/08

Legal Aid Cuts affect Asylum

Theatre stars unite to condemn ‘brutal’ asylum system

New Report form The Children’s Commissioner condemns the treatment of unaccompanied asylum children.
Refugee council supports children’s commissioner report

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