Creative Resources

The following organisations provide creative and media material on refugee and asylum experiences.

The UNHCR Bird's Eye view of a refugee's world
The UNHCR has just launched an interactive map on Google Earth, which allows you to take a tour of the world and learn about different refugee situations.

Actors for Human Rights
Formerly known as Actors for Refugees, Actors for Human Rights is a national network of professional actors dedicated to drawing attention to the harsh reality of seeking asylum in the UK. All of those involved volunteer their performance skills and public profile to influence community attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers and to encourage a humanitarian response to their situation. Since launching in June 2006, their documentary play Asylum Monologues, has been seen by over 8000 people in 55 towns and cities across the UK.

Exiled Writers
Exiled writers ink provides a platform for the work of artists living in exile in the UK and mainland Europe through performance, publishing and training activities. We believe that the literature, art and culture of exile can provide a focus for communications and integration throughout society, and act as a force for positive change.

Exiled Journalists Network
The Exiled Journalists’ Network (EJN) is an organisation set up to help journalists who have fled to the UK to escape persecution because of their media work. The group aims to promote press freedom around the world and assist both asylum seeking and refugee journalists.

On this website there is a photo gallery documenting the experiences of young refugees in the UK.

MediaRights is a website that provides an excellent collection of documentaries and films on social issues, including refugee issues. maximizes the impact of social-issue documentaries and shorts. By engaging with the MediaRights community, filmmakers reach audiences, educators and librarians bring films into their classroom, and nonprofits and activists integrate media into their campaigns.

One World TV
One world TV also provides an open platform for documentaries on Global Justice issues.

You can watch Nick Broomfield's film on destitute asylum seekers below:

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