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The following publications may be of interest to you, as they give information on; or an insight into refugee and asylum experiences.

Stories about Refugee experiences:

Am I Safe Yet? Stories of Women Seeking Asylum in Britain
Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST)
Race Archive Published July 2008
Edited by Ursula Sharma with Hannah Berry, nine women who came to Britain to seek asylum from violence and mistreatment tell their personal stories from fleeing their homes to living in fear of deportation in Britain.

Human Cargo: A Journey Among Refugees
Caroline Moorehead
Vintage Books Published 2006
A first-hand account of several current refugee situations with explanations of why different situations have arisen.

Mende Nazir
Virago Press Ltd Published Dec 2007
True story of a Sudanese woman’s life spent from the age of 12 as a slave in Sudan, then later in the UK before her eventual escape. Mende now lives as a refugee in England.
Highly recommended!

Kandahar Cockney
James Fergusson
Highly-readable true story of a British journalist’s friendship with an Afghan interpreter, who later ends up as a refugee in London, where he is accused of rape.

From There to Here: 16 True Tales of Immigration to Britain
Various Authors
Penguin Books Ltd
In February 2007, people from any background to send us their true personal accounts of immigration to Britain. The response was significant, and the range of entries overwhelming. Five judges – including Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty and the novelist Kate Mosse – selected the best, most illuminating and most powerful entries to be published in this book.

The Invisible Ones
Karel van Loon
Maia Press Ltd
Min Thein, a lawyer in a sleepy provincial town in Burma, has struggled to avoid confrontation with his country's military regime, despite defending its victims. But when he incurs the wrath of the district commander, he is shadowed, intimidated and thwarted - he loses his country, his wife and his sight.

In this gripping novel about the life of a refugee, harrowing descriptions of the fate of Burma's political prisoners blend with Buddhist myth, lyrical descriptions of the land and memories of a carefree childhood.

Over a thousand hills I walk with you
Hanna Jansen
Andersen Press
Based on the true story of Jeanne, an 8-year-old girl who survived the Rwandan genocide of 1994, the only member of her family who did. Here her adoptive mother Hanna Jansen retells her story with a clarity and honesty that is at once moving and inspiring.

A Life Removed: Hunting for Refuge in the Modern World
Rose George
The passionately-told story of those who fled to Britain due to wars in Liberia and the Ivory Coast.

Refugee Boy
Benjamin Zephaniah
Bloomsbury Publishing
The story of Alem, son of an Ethiopian father and Eritrean mother, who finds himself in England after his parents leave him there for his own safety. His father had told him that England had compassionate people who understand why people have to seek refuge. As Alem tries to stay strong throughout all that happens to him, he finds that some people seem to understand more than others.

Comment on Refugee experiences:

New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era
Mary Kaldor
Blackwell Publishers
Why did the wars in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda cause so many refugees? A convincing account of what’s new in warfare.

The State of the World's Refugees: The Challenge of Protection
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner
Oxford University Press
There’s no better reference guide to refugees than this annual report from the agency charged with their protection.

Displacement, Asylum, Migration: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2004
Oxford University Press
A variety of moral perspectives on refugees from leading academics.

Refugees in a Global Era
Philip Marfleet
Palgrave Macmillan
A detailed examination of all aspects of refugees’ experiences, highly critical of current trends in international policy.

The Ethics and Politics of Asylum: Liberal Democracy and the Response to Refugees
Matthew J. Gibney
Cambrdige University Press
Should states allow in more refugees? Why don’t they? Gibney’s account neatly mixes theory and practice.

Refugees: Human Rights Have No Borders
Amnesty International
The number of refugees forced to abandon their homes and countries in search of safety has significantly increased. At the same time, governments' commitment to offering asylum is dwindling, as is their political will to resolve the human rights disasters from which people have fled. There is a crisis in the protection of the human rights of refugees.This report is part of an Amnesty International campaign to remind the world's governments of their duty to prevent human rights violations.

Embracing the Infidel: Muslim Migrants on the Journey West
Behzad Yaghmaian
Delacorte Press, 2005
From Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Angola, and other countries in the Middle East and Africa, thousands of desperate migrants are crossing borders to escape ethnic, political, and religious persecution. Yaghmaian, an Iranian American journalist and professor, speaks to the refugees in Istanbul, Athens, Paris, Sofia, London, and New York about why they left and what they left behind, their harrowing journeys, and their desperate need for asylum, made more difficult by "terrorist" stereotypes.

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